and a warm welcome to you –

So here I am trying to figure out what makes sense, what will guide and mostly (and most importantly), what will help.  My goal is to provide usable insight and tips to help manage the emotions we all experience and yet, never really know what to do with.  Sure, we cry, drink, cuss, eat, ponder and pontificate.  Yet there is this valuable little gem of a tool that many of us miss and that simple tool is learning how to manage our emotions by managing our perspective.  If you’ve read my WOW – Wipe Out Worry book or seen any of my youtube videos, you’ll know that my focus is on teaching how to find this perspective and empower yourself to feel better.

Now, the disclaimer in all of this is that you can only control and manage YOU.  This took me 38 short years to figure out and it was the best gift I could have given myself.  I was in a terrible and destructive marriage, I had two small (ok, maybe not small, young is a better word) children and my world came tumbling down around me.  After years of pleading, crying, trying to adjust my behavior and putting daily effort into trying to please – the AH-HA! of my life came when I realized I was molding ME to fit HIM>  Control you, control your life and control your happiness.  That is the one thing you can do for yourself and the best guidance I could offer anyone.  This is not as easy as it may seem and requires determination and courage but it sure beats the alternative.

More on this to follow as I could go on and on (and do in my new book, Life Lessons You Might Have Missed), but the reality of it all is, you’ve found a home, a safe place to dump, learn and share.  Welcome, welcome.  Comments, ideas, thoughts, or whatever you want to share are embraced.  Cheers.

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